Can you die from skin cancer?

Saturday,June 21, 2014 @ 21:52

Question by BlondeAmbition: Can you die from skin cancer?
Can you die from skin cancer caused from a mole?
How does it take over?

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Answer by Alex S
Yes. Currently skin cancer is the number one killer of all cancers. Once it has taken hold, there’s not much hope.
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Gloucester, Va. (PRWEB) May 21, 2014

Riverside Health System is pleased to announce that for the second year in a row Virginia Living Magazine and its readers have named the Riverside Regional Medical Center in Newport News the best hospital in the Eastern Region.

“Each patient’s experience is of utmost importance to our team members. For our community to recognize us in this way helps us know that we are caring for each patient like we care for those we love. Our Riverside Care Difference is a commitment to provide a safe, healing, kind and respectful environment,” said Michael Doucette, Senior Vice President and Administrator of Riverside Regional Medical Center.

“We are honored to be featured in Virginia Living and will always continue to work on further improving the patient experience.”

More than 32,000 people voted in the third annual 2014 Best of Virginia survey, culminating in 1,345 winners in nearly 100 different categories divided among the four regions of the state – Eastern, Central, Northern, Southwest and Shenandoah Valley.

“Riverside has served the Virginia Peninsula since 1916,” Virginia Living wrote in the magazine. “Today its (Regional Medical Center) campus spans 72 acres and houses 450 beds. Its Level II Trauma Center responds to more than 57,000 emergencies every year and features 42 private rooms. Specialty treatment centers include those for cancer care and radiosurgery, among others.”

Categories readers voted in ranged from hospitals and fine dining restaurants to independent schools and bed and breakfasts.

“It has been fun traveling the state with you these three years and learning about all of your favorite restaurants and resorts, arts and music events, clothing and home décor shops, brunch and coffee shops, financial planners, pediatricians, wildlife trails and parks and so much more,” wrote Virginia Living editor, Erin Parkhurst. “I love knowing that when I want to visit a new corner of our state, I’ll have just the right tip for where to go, thanks to Best of Virginia, thanks to you.”

The results were published in the May 2014 Best of Virginia special edition.

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